house of shabu shabu outside

The menu has been changed to provide more natural options and religious dietary needs of the community.

We have also added another broth, “Spicy Red”.  There are “NO CHARGES” for the broth chosen.

Our best deals are the Lunch Special (5 oz) and the Dinner Special (7 oz). Both specials include an order of FREE appetizer. Both are offered all week long.

Lunch Shabu starts at 10.99. You get 5 oz. of meat.
Dinner Shabu starts at 12.99. You get 5 oz. of meat.

The Natural and Halal meats are available on the All You Can Eat (AYCE).

Special #1 is 21
Halal chicken and Halal beef included.

Natural Special #2 is 30.
There are more selection of meats.
Salmon and Shrimp are included.

You may now order KimChee Fried Rice.

We make BOTH sauces (ponzu and goma) from scratch.

We provide the BEST value in serving YOU Shabu Shabu.

Your wallet will not lose weight.
You will be Satisfied.

Note: This review will mainly be based off their lunch AYCE Shabu Shabu special. At $13, you get the entire Shabu Shabu experience all you can eat style and it’s good.

Service — When I came here July 2018, the exterior was under construction with people fixing the store’s sign and what not. The interior isn’t the best looking in my opinion. It looks kind of old and dull. Their restaurant is set up into two, tall U tables. The U table allows for customers to each have a little stove in front of them for their pot and this way, the staff can stand inside the U to quickly assist customers in a concentrated area right in front of them. This means that service is quick and it’s easier to get the attention of a staff member if you needed anything. The down side to this set up is that there are limited seats and you can’t necessary go with a large group and talk with everyone. There was a wait but I didn’t mind since I’m sure a lot of people were there for the lunch special.

Food — They first ask what type of broth you want and there a variety to choose from such as tonkotsu, miso and etc. The lunch special offers different kinds of meats and sushi! You can also order ramen, vegetables and egg from the menu. Obviously, with a pricier menu selection, you get more variety. The cheapest regular menu offers a lot more at $21. I loved the beef belly and pork belly. The best part to me is when asking for broth refills, they actually refill you with the broth you ordered. A lot of soup/hot pot places I’ve been to like Boiling Point refill the pot with standard chicken broth and you lose the flavor you initially ordered. After you’ve had rounds of your shabu shabu, they ask if you would like a scoop of ice cream!

Overall — So much selection, so much shabu shabu. It really is all you can eat! The lunch special price is unbeatable but you still get so much with any other menu.


5 Star for customer service

5 Star for meats and food

3 stars for soup: tasted super bland, watered down and didn’t really taste like anything

5 Star on all you can eat shabu


I was never a fan of Shabu places cause of my previous experiences but now I am reeled in thanks to this place!! I came at around 11:30am for their AYCE lunch special and there was absolutely no wait. I was lucky cause right after there was a hoard of people in line. The interior of the store was gave off a very traditional vibe from a restaurant you would expect from Japan which I LOVED. Customer service was a bit slow, but it looked like they were understaffed so I understand. Nevertheless, they eventually took our orders and brought it out in a timely manner. My friend and I noticed that one of the servers, Woojin, was incredibly attentive and tried to tend to everyone’s needs! At one point, I noticed that he was working so hard that he was sweating. He definitely needs a raise!!

As for the food, the meat was high-quality and tasty. My favorite was probably the beef belly which was cut just to my liking! The slices weren’t too thin but weren’t too thick either. I also got the California rolls which came in petite sizes which I thought was pretty cute. It turned out the sushi was on par with some of my favorite restaurants that specializes in sushi. My chicken broth had a good base to it so I didn’t wanna add anything “extra” to it. However, you can add hot shots as well as other sauces to your broth. My friend added like 3 hot shots to her broth and ended up looking like a red tomato by the end of the meal. At the end of the meal, they offer complementary ice cream, Green Tea or French Vanilla, which ended my whole experience on an AMAZING note!

This place does NOT accept tip which was disappointing to me. I genuinely wanted to tip my server..


Really great shabu shabu place!!! Also all you can eat (AYCE) which is a BIG plus! There is a large parking lot in front of the restaurant, so parking shouldn’t be an issue. However, since it is a popular restaurant, be prepared to wait if you come for dinner. I wouldn’t recommend for larger groups, because in my experience, my party of four waited close to an hour for seating. It was dinner time however, so it could be that we came at a popular time and on a weekend.

The service here is great!!! Our server recommend which sauces to go with the meat and was always around when we wanted to order. However, I know that may not be the case always, since they are always packed. You are only allowed two orders per person, so it can be hard to always reach your server when trying to order more food.

Our table got the $21 AYCE special, and ordered appetizers while waiting for our broth to boil. Everything about the meal was great!!! The beef belly was the favorite of our table and would recommend that as one of your first meats. Also, when you finish with your meal, they do have ice cream you can chose from. When we went they had vanilla and vanilla with oreo. This place also doesn’t accept tips, which is unfortunate because the meal was delicious. Overall, great Shabu Shabu place, but has a very long wait. May be a less wait for smaller parties, but very worth the wait!!!